Hi my name is Monica. I could lie to you and tell you i'm the most interesting person you'll ever meet or I could just be honest and tell you i'm just a girl with a computer and far too much free time. either way i won't tell you you're wrong.
I crowd surfed once so I guess you can say I'm pretty hardcore
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Anonymous said: be careful with what you believe is true from some people. alot of the time they say there 'depressed' or that they self harm cause they think its cool.

I can sometimes tell when people do it just for other people to feel bad for them. I think it’s stupid of them to do it bc then people who actually are depressed and cut will be told that they do it for attention. I absolutely do not do it for attention though. I wish I didn’t have fucking depression and I wish I never was addicted to cutting bc I sure am now.

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