Hi my name is Monica. I could lie to you and tell you i'm the most interesting person you'll ever meet or I could just be honest and tell you i'm just a girl with a computer and far too much free time. either way i won't tell you you're wrong.
I crowd surfed once so I guess you can say I'm pretty hardcore
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Anonymous said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR WEDNESDAY! Oh and, I just took a massive shit. I logged onto my computer and then realize that I needed to do one, but I didn't want to because I had just logged on, but then again I was having pizza soon and I needed to get it out of my system. So, I went upstairs into the bathroom and I actually thought that I was giving birth, so I looked into the toilet to make sure that there was no baby, and, thankfully, there wasn't. My ass still hurts massively though.

THANK YOU! omg. You gotta digest to make room! You gave birth to shit. How cute. Congrats!!!11!!1! Let me know on your pooping experience next time! 

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