Hi my name is Monica. I could lie to you and tell you i'm the most interesting person you'll ever meet or I could just be honest and tell you i'm just a girl with a computer and far too much free time. either way i won't tell you you're wrong.
I crowd surfed once so I guess you can say I'm pretty hardcore
Instagram: bamitsmonica

claireisrad said: Congrats, you have been chosen to be in my botw poll! It's up now, you'll have until Sunday to get votes. If you win, you'll get unlimited promos from me and a link on my blog :) My last few botws have gained 100+, so good luck and happy voting!

Vote for me on her blog and message me the number of your vote to get 2 of whatever you want or 4 if you tell your followers: 

  • Solo Promo
  • Detailed Blog Rate
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  • Self Promo In My Ask
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  • Infinite 3 by Blink and it’s over
  • Cursors
  • Unfollower Tracker
  • Online Users
  • Hit Counter
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Celeb Urls (Under the page of links on my blog)
  • Anything else we can agree on

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